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Updated 16/12/2004

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The South East Section BKKS

twinned with the

Oregon Koi & Watergarden Society.
The Nishikigoi Vereniging Nederland.
The KwaZulu Natal Chapter of the SAKKS
The South East BKKS are a friendly club with a long history. Based in the South Eastern corner of England, our membership comes from the counties of Kent in the East, Berkshire to the West, West Sussex to the South, and all the counties in between. We even have a few members from across the river (Thames) in Essex, as far North(West) as Stockport in Cheshire and a few more across the Channel in Belgium and the Netherlands.

The aim of the section is to provide a convivial environment dedicated to promoting the hobby of Koi Keeping in the South East of England.

Via our monthly meetings, ad-hoc activities and monthly newsletter 'Spotlight' we endevour to raise the level of knowledge within the section by the painless process of "learning from other peoples mistakes".

We can boast of a membership of approximately 85 households containing Koi-keepers of all levels of experience that provide mutual aid and support to one another in matters related to the hobby.

The section runs an extensive library of books and videos on all Koi-related aspects. We normally have three copies of all commercially available Koi videos along with many amateur videos taken by section members. Our library service is free, but fines are levied when items are not returned on time as it is an inconvenience to other members.

On August Bank Holiday weekend we run one of the largest Koi Shows in the South of England promoting the hobby to all and sundry. Such activity requires the full support of the dedicated and skilful membership that we have created over the 21 years the section has been in existence.

During the year we usually pay visits to three other sections to see their ponds and koi. In return we play host to them which provides an opportunity for new members to visit section ponds. In addition we have intra-section pond visits as social events throughout the year.

Our section meetings have occasional guest speakers, e.g. we have had Bernice Brewster, Carol McCall, Geoff Kemp, Gary Abrams, Gary Hillier, as well as speakers from within the section.

We also have an annual bring & buy tabletop sale prior to the start of a meeting where members can dispose of unwanted items of equipment.

All this for an annual membership fee of 15 per family.

If you are interested in joining us you will find a list of contacts on the 'Contacts' page.

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