The All England Koi Show is over for another year and a big thank you to everyone who contributed to making it a success. Congratulations to Raad Hassan who has won the Grand Champion Award for the third year in succession with his Size 7 Sanke. Not to be outdone, Andy Baker won the Best Non Gosanke Award for the third year in succession too with his Size 7 Shiro Utsuri, a ‘hat trick’ for both exhibitors and never been achieved before in the history of the Show.

Our Baby Champion must get a special mention, the winner was an Ikarashi Kazuto Showa supplied by Walcot Koi and exhibited by Jack Bunker, a long term member of the South East Koi Club.

This year, there were 389 koi entered in the show, displayed in 52 show vats. The International Judging Team led by Senior Judge Carol McCall split into three teams to carry out the judging.

The standard of the koi exhibited was again extremely high and so many high class koi went home without winning an award, no reflection of the quality of these koi.

There were so many kohaku entered, 29 Size 4 and 27 Size 5, it took 45 minutes to judge Size 5 and Carol McCall said there was not a bad kohaku among them.

David Brown Chairman

Judges: Carol McCall – Head Judge (BKKS UK); Toën Feyen (ZNA South Africa); Mark Kleijkers (ZNA Holland); Gary Hazely (BKKS UK); Stefan Malm (BKKS Sweden); Niko Bellens (BKS Belgium).

Guest Judge: Masato Hoshino (Japan).

Trainee: Miki Ames (ZNA Germany); Anthony Grey (BKKS UK).

A Team of 2017 All England Koi Show Judges
Grand Champion Raad Hassan Sanke Size 7
Superior Champion Kevin Paul Kohaku Size 7
Mature Champion Scott Jenkins Sanke Size 6
Adult Champion David Pope Kinginrin Size 5
Young Champion Paul Williams Sanke Size 4
Baby Champion Jack Bunker Showa Size 2
Size 1 First Neil Hornshaw Sanke
Second Kevin Green Kohaku
Third Neil Hornshaw


Size 2 First Jack Bunker Showa
Second Lee Newton Kohaku
Third Jason Smith Sanke
Size 3 First Matthew Pearson Showa
Second Paul Williams Kohaku
Third Lee Cresswell Sanke
Size 4 First Paul Williams Sanke
Second Mick Trew Kohaku
Third Gary Butterfield Showa
Size 5 First David Pope Kinginrin
Second Karen Tovey Kohaku
Third Andy Baker Kohaku
Size 6 First Scott Jenkins Sanke
Second James Fermor Kohaku
Third Kevin Green Tancho
Size 7 First Kevin Paul Kohaku
Second Raad Hassan Showa
Third Andy Baker


All Philippine Koi Society Alan Reeves Kawarimono Size 5
Banana Bar Koi Society Ron Rance Kawarimono Size 5
BKS (Belgian ZNA Chapter) Matthew Pearson Kawarimono Size 2
Koi Society of Western Australia Gregg Harris Bekko Size 5
North East Koi Club Emma David Utsurimono Size 3
NVN (Dutch ZNA Chapter) Andrew & Penny Moorby Kawarimono Size 3
SAKKS (South African ZNA) Lewis Pearce Sanke Size 5
Best Kin Showa First Jack Bunker Hikari Utsuri Size 2
Best Kin Showa Second Gregg Harris Hikari Utsuri Size 5
Best Kin Showa Third Robert Robson Hikari Utsuri Size 3
Best non Gosanke   Andy Baker Utsurimono Size 7
Jumbo Award   Kevin Paul Sanke Size 7
Best Doitsu   Adam Richardson Sanke Size 4

South East Koi Club Show Winners 2017Major Award Winners – South East Koi Club – The All England Koi Show 2017.
Grand Champion
Superior Champion
Mature Champion
Adult Champion
Young Champion
Baby Champion
Best non Gosanke
Best Doitsu
Jumbo Award
Best Kin Showa
2nd Best Kin Showa
3rd Best Kin Showa
All Philippines Award

Banana Bar Koi Society
Friendship Award

BKS Friendship Award

KSWA Friendship Award

North East Friendship Award

NVN Friendship Award

SAKKS Friendship Award