2016 Show Results Heading

We were lucky with the weather again and began setting up our 30th Open Show on Tuesday 20th September. While this was all going on exhibitors were benching their koi on-line using the Koi Pro Show benching program which has again proved to be an effective time saving addition. The last koi were benched on Friday which made a total of 360 koi entered. This year we have added size 8 to the judging categories and benched the largest koi we have ever had entered, an 105cm chagoi owned by Des Harris.

Friday was a very busy day as Koi dealers arrived to set oup their stands for the weekend, by close of play Friday we were all ready to go.

Again our show was judged by an international team of judges who carried out the task in their usual professional way.

David Brown Chairman

Judges: Gary Pritchard – Head Judge (BKKS UK), Anja Albertsboer (ZNA Australia), Richard Albertsboer (ZNA Australia), Niko Bellens (BKS Belgium), Toën Feyen (ZNA South Africa), Mark Kleijkeres (ZNA Holland), Stefan Malm (BKKS Sweden), Alan Tait (BKKS UK), Louis Vanreusel (ZNA Germany).
Trainee: Mikki Ames (ZNA Germany), Anthony Grey (BKKS UK), Gary Hazely (BKKS UK).

All England Koi Show 2016 Judges
Grand Champion Raad Hassan Sanke Size 7
Superior Champion Wayne Taylor Sanke Size 7
Mature Champion James Femor Kohaku Size 6
Adult Champion Stephen Anderson Showa Size 5
Young Champion Andy Baker Kohaku Size 4
Baby Champion Adam Byer Kohaku Size 2
Size 1 First Adam Byer Kohaku
Second Neil Hornshaw Sanke
Third Neil Hornshaw Showa
Size 2 First Adam Byer Kohaku
Second Rob Harris Showa
Third Rob Harris Kohaku
Size 3 First Tony Thompson Kohaku
Second David Edge Showa
Third Dave Crellin Sanke
Size 4 First Andy Baker Kohaku
Second Wayne Taylorl Utsurimono
Third Mick Preston Kohaku
Size 5 First Stephen Anderson Showa
Second David Pope Kohaku
Third Paul Williams Kohaku
Size 6 First James Femor Kohaku
Second Raad Hassan Kohaku
Third Ron Rance Showa
Size 7 First Wayne Taylor Sanke
Second Lee Manning Kohaku
Third David Pope Kohaku
Size 8 First Peter Lewis Sanke
Second Kevin Paul Sanke
Third Des Harris Kawarimono
All Philippine Koi Society Alan Reeves Asagi/Shusui Size 4
BKS (Belgian ZNA Chapter) Ron Rance Showa Size 6
KLAN (German ZNA Chapter) David Edge Kawarimono Size 5
Koi Society of Australia Laurence Harvey KinGinRin Size 6
Koi Society of Western Australia Daran Wood Bekko Size 4
North East Koi Club Andy Baker Utsurimono Size 7
NVN (Dutch ZNA Chapter) Jason Smith Kawarimono Size 3
SAKKS (South African ZNA) Paul Williams KinGinRin Size 5
Best Ochiba Shigure First Alan Reeves Kawarimono Size 4
Best Ochiba Shigure Second Wayne Taylor Kawarimono Size 5
Best Ochiba Shigure Third Jason Smith Kawarimono Size 4
Best non Gosanke   Andy Baker Utsurimono Size 7
Jumbo Award   Des Harris Kawarimono Size 8
Best Doitsu   Laurence Harvey Sanke Size 5

South East Koi Club Spring Show Winners 2016Major Award Winners – South East Koi Club – The All England Koi Show 2016.
Grand Champion
Superior Champion
Mature Champion
Adult Champion
Young Champion
Baby Champion

Best non Gosanke &
N. East Friendship Award

Best Doitsu
Jumbo Award
Best Ochiba Shigure
2nd Best Ochiba Shigure
3rd Best Ochiba Shigure
All Philippines Award
BKS Friendship Award
KLAN Friendship Award

KSA Friendship Awards

KSWA Friendship Award

NVN Friendship Award

SAKKS Friendship Award