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Peter & Shirley Abbott, Jim Bannister, Brian Edwards, Toën Feyen(NL), Val Frost, George Gilbey, Vi & Tony Hussey, Doug "Dob" Holder, Theresa & Dave Knapp, Teresa Lambert, Fred & June Lee, Peter Love, Helen Musgrove, Di Nugent, and Mac Wilson.

BKKS Members
Angie Evans (Heart of Wales), Chris Pinchen (MSB), Walter Reed( JSC),

Koi Fanatics
Norman Call (USA), Vincent Chiu (TW),Mark Gardner (KoiChat),Martin de Jong (NL),Gus Roijen (NL), Keith & Nicky Phipps (Koi Care),

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Dries Bessels (NL), Marion Flimm (DE), Tarek Fouda (DE), Nick Shennan (Digital Paperweight)

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